We Are Online Business Consultants

Earning revenue online does not always consist of selling products. Social Media, Client Management, Digital Marketing, Providing Technical Support, Billing & Online Payments, Online Forms, Data Retention, Utilizing the Cloud are just some examples of how conducting e-Business (business online) can help grow your organization.

There are many tools that help to organize your business and automate everyday tasks, saving you time and money. Using the right tools will increase your efficiency and allow growth with less effort and resources. As business become more dependent on the Internet, it is imperative for organizations to have a clear understanding of their company structure and goals, and how it relates to doing business online.

Our consulting services include offline and online solutions.


► Liaise with management to assess goals
► Infrastructure Management
► IT Continuity Management
► IT Incident and Problem Management
► Provide network support, servers and database infrastructure
► Configuring and upgrading hardware, installing software and performing system administration
► Escalate and then coordinate issues and problems to external third party support
► External liaison with relevant suppliers and external stakeholders
► Perform system administration for the virtual, physical and dedicated environments
► Develop an in depth understanding of business processes and systems used
► Maintain configuration information relevant to network, server and database infrastructure
► Create policies and procedures relevant to the support and maintenance of the network, servers and databases
► Ensure that the IT infrastructure is secure from external and internal attack through monitoring, testing and following best practice to reduce the risk of any security incident
► Ensure effective monitoring and alerting of all appropriate infrastructure services
► Administer an effective backup and recovery strategy for the IT Infrastructure
► Gather business requirements to prioritize what is required within an IT solution
► Map business requirements to technical solutions
► Data retention solutions
► Document proposed IT solutions in clear and concise terms
► Review system design to ensure that requirements can be traced to deliverables
► Recommendation of appropriate software development tools and methodologies employed
► Google Cloud & Amazon (AWS) solutions